The Moral Decline of America – Baal Worship

The Moral Decline of Ancient Israel and Baal Worship In the previous article we looked at what the founding fathers thought concerning the need for a moral people.  In this installment, we will look at the ancient practice of Baal worship, the story of Balaam and Moab, and ancient Israel.  Why?…

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An Expanded History of America

~2000BC: Abraham has two sons, Ishmael and Isaac.  Both are promised to be the father of nations.  Isaac has Jacob, who is renamed Israel  His 12 sons make up the 12 tribes.  Israel’s son Joseph is given the birthright and promises a land of his own   ~1400BC: Moses, a…

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Lesson 5: The Miracles of the Revolution

It was not by chance that an untrained, unorganized collection of colonial woodsmen and trade-smiths were able to throw off the yoke of the greatest nation on the planet. It was through divine protection that we gained our independence. We will look at several miracles that combined to produce the…

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